Sold Listing - 151± acres

151± acres West Holman Township, Osceola County, IA

The farm is highly productive with excellent quality soils.

The land is Class I and Class II soils which produce excellent crop yields. The farm is located between two local grain markets in Sibley and Little Rock. The high quality of this farm makes it an excellent investment.

FSA Information
Cropland—143.5 Acres
Corn Base—71.8 Acres
Corn PLC Yield—169
Soybean Base—71.7 Acres
Soybean PLC Yield—47
Soils—Sac silty clay loam, Ransom silty clay loam, Everly silty clay loam
Average CSR 78.2
Average CSR2 94.6

Real Estate Taxes: $3,872 for 2015-2016

Terms: Cash

Price: $11,900 per acre or $1,808,800 total

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