Why Farmland?

Why Farmland?

For many years farmland in Iowa has been a stable and consistently appreciating asset.
Farmland is attractive to investors because of:

  • Strong Passive Income Returns with Low Volatility

  • Hedge Against Inflation

  • Minimal Upkeep vs. Other Real Estate 

  • Holds Value During Economic Uncertainty

  • Numerous Tax Benefits 

At Agriland we use our farmland market expertise to find the best farmland deal that matches your ownership goals. We provide our expertise on land acquisition as well as full-service land management making your farm purchase a turn-key investment vehicle to safe, steady and growing passive income and capital appreciation. Working with the experienced professionals at Agriland makes investing in farmland or completing a 1031 exchange easy and hassle-free. We partner with individual investors, LLCs, and trusts, purchasing whole farms with strong return potential. Soon we plan to open farmland investing to many more investors who can purchase shares of a farm at a more reasonable buy in cost. To invest in a farm or to learn more about how farmland ownership can benefit you call Chuck White, broker at 712-363-4535 or click here.