• Spring Tillage
  • Planting Season
  • Monitoring Plant Development
  • Insect Inspections
  • Wheat Harvest
  • Soybeans ready for harvest
  • Soybean harvest is is full swing
  • Corn drying downn in the field
  • Corn Harvest - Another Good Year
  • Monitoring yeilds and crop performance
  • Field Preperation Fall Tillage
Why Hire a Professional Farm Manager
Farming today includes many facets involving new technologies that did not exist a few years ago. To be successful in today’s environment, the three-way partnership between a farmland owner, farm manager, and farm operator involves blending the knowledge of the past with the technologies of today in order to plan for the change of future. This includes gathering, storing, and interpreting historical information and applying the newer agricultural technology in order to achieve maximum profitability.

With rapid increase in cost of land, fertilizer, seed, chemicals, and making the intelligent use of marketing tools makes a critical difference to profit of a farm today.

As a professional farm manager, Agriland Inc. uses the technology tools to provide you as a landowner with a maximize return on your investment while maintaining a high degree of profitability for your tenant.
Agriland Update
Chuck White, President
The land market is very strong. There have been several sales in the last few weeks that show land values are at some very good prices. From my prospective as a broker, land has been an effective way to get some fantastic capital appreciation as well as provide a good return on the investment. While other investments are very volatile, land has been one  of great stability over many years.

The featured property for sale is an excellent opportunity for someone that would like to have your own private outdoor area. If you like the outdoors this property is the one for you. It has a good mix of tillable land along with timber. Look at the “View Listing” for more details . Please give us a call so we can answer any questions or show you this once-in-a-life time property.

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Chuck White: 712-363-4535