Maximize Your Farm's Potential

Farming today includes many new farm operation and farm management tools that did not exist a few years ago. To be successful in today’s environment, the three-way partnership between a farmland owner, farm manager, and farm operator involves blending the knowledge of the past with the technologies of today to plan for the change of future.

Farm Assessment

We start by getting to know you, your goals, and your farm. We assess the strengths and weaknesses of your farm operation. We assess the farm’s past production as well as offer new ideas on to improve production and the farm's overall return. We then help the landowner select the best rental arrangement between 4 different rental agreements using our lease analysis tool. The lease analysis tool shows our customers how their leases can be structured for either income stability or upside potential depending on their goals.

Crop Share Agreement

Under crop share, owners can elect to share the crop with their farm tenant. The owner will receive a share of the crop and split the expenses with the operator. Typically, the split is 50-50 with shared expenses. If an owner decides to lease their farm on a crop share basis, Agriland makes it hassle free by paying all bills and calculating all splits in expenses and revenues. Agriland provides the owner with a detailed report of their account with all of expenses and revenues that occurred in their operation throughout the year balanced to the penny. Crop share arrangements work well for the owner when prices and yields are both strong. We can show you how it compares to Cash Rent or Base + Bonus rental arrangements in our Lease Analysis Tool.

Cash Rent Agreement

We negotiate a fair cash rent per tillable acre for our customers with their goals in mind. We collect cash rents for our customers either upfront in the spring, or split with ½ paid in the spring and ½ paid in the fall. Agriland provides their customers with 1099s for taxes as well as all other reports throughout the year on the farm’s progress.

Base + Bonus Agreement

The Base + Bonus rental agreement can be a good way for a landowner to gain upside in a strong farm economy while helping the farm operator during tougher times. With Base + Bonus rental agreement owners receive a base rent just like cash rent. Then, if the revenue on a per acre basis surpasses a certain amount, then the farm operator and owner share profits above that certain level. This lease agreement works well for the owner when we have good prices and good yields. This lease arrangement is the most popular with our owners.

Lease Analysis Tool

To compare all of your farm leasing options and how fluctuations in crop prices and crop yields can affect your farm use our Lease Analysis Tool. The Lease Analysis Tool compares 4 different rental situations and shows you how changes in prices and yield can affect your farm’s rental revenue under the 4 different leasing arrangements. This helps ensure that you make an informed decision on the best way to rent your farm based on your goals. The tool can be accessed by contacting our office or emailing Chuck White at

Tenant Selection

Most of the time farms come with operators that the landowner is happy with. We are happy to work with existing farm operator’s and help them be as successful as they can be. When a change in operator is needed, we find tenants to operate the farm that align well with the goals of the owner. We ensure that tenants farm in a sustainable manner utilizing combinations of minimum-till and no-till practices, manure fertilizer, and cover crops tailored to each farm.

Implementation of Soil Health and Technology

We help our customers improve their farmland’s production by producing healthier soils for them. We implement soil testing as well as encourage the use of manure to leverage the numerous nutrients and microbial activity that it holds. In addition, we encourage the usage of cover crops. Cover crops help to lower erosion, sequester nutrients, break compaction, and encourage microbial life in the soil. There are many cost-share programs through the NRCS office that we have helped our customers take advantage of.
For more information on cover crops and how they can help your farm click here.

Land Improvements

We help our customers improve their farmland as well as buildings on their farms. We have completed projects including:

  • Grain bin construction & deconstruction
  • Installing tile drainage
  • Barn and building renovations
  • Creating erosion control structures such as terraces and waterways
  • Installing buffer strips and bioreactors to protect water quality

Succession Planning

Whether your plan is to eventually sell your farm or pass it down to the next generation, we can help you. We help our owners market their farm when the time comes to do so. We can help our customers by completing a private treaty sale or farm auction. Chuck White is a licensed real estate broker. His son Patrick has been a practicing auctioneer for Agriland since 2014.

We also work with our customers who want to pass down their land to the next generation. We help educate new owners on the benefits that farmland ownership has for them as well as plan for the many future opportunities that their farm will be able to enjoy. 

Hire a Professional 

With the rapid increase in costs and growing complexities involving land, inputs, sustainability, and technology, it is more important than ever to have guidance in your farm's operation. As a professional farm manager for the past 25 years, Chuck White at Agriland Inc. harnesses the newest production methods to maximize farm profitability and sustainability for the benefit of his landowners and farm operators. Reach out to Chuck for guidance on the best path forward for you and your farmland.